Frankie McNair


Frankie McNair is an aggressively optimistic dyslexic queer nightmare who was raised by TV and is trying their best. This comedy gremlin won 'Best Newcomer' at the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with their unique and grubby mix of stand-up, non sequitur sketch comedy and queer vibes (*chef's kiss*).

They've seen sold out crowds around the country and have made a beautiful weird mark on the alternative comedy scene with their critically acclaimed show Emma's Debutante - an absurd comedy line up show created by Frankie McNair and Emma Holland which received rave reviews and a sold out season at the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

For screen, Frankie co-starred in their independent IGTV series,Couples in Iso, which captured an incredible audience. They've co-starred in the upcoming web-series, No-bodies Business, been the lead actor in Alice Tovey's debut horror-comedy short film HEN, and featured in Heaps Normal's 2022 online ad campaign, directed by Mark Bonnano. They received Screen Australia funding, allowing them to write the scripts for all 6x10min episodes of their online series SNACK - a series about an anxious Banana who starts going to therapy.

This comedy gremlin is excited to create work that is honest and moving as well as being very very silly.

Upcoming Gigs

FRANKIE MCNAIR - Coming out to mum

Past Gigs

Relax Your Knees


    Best Comedy - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018


    New Zealand Tour Ready Award - Sydney Fringe Festival 2018


    Best New Comer - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022